Silky has gathered already 100 years of experience in the production of handsaws, always with the greatest devotion and according to the latest techniques. The special alloys used, the metalworking knowledge and the technical aspects of the different type of teeth configurations stand for a unique quality.

The saw blades of Silky saws are made from Authentic Premium Japanese Steel and cut out by laser. The blades are of unparalleled quality: they are very hard and longwearing, but remain flexible at the same time thanks to the metal’s soft core.

Hard and Wear Resistant

The chemical composition of the metal in combination with the unique heating and cooling process determine the high hardness of the metal. The high carbon content leads to a high wear resistance, so that the sharpness remains for a very long time.

Soft and Flexible

By forging the saws in such a way, the core of the saw tooth consists of soft metal with which the saw stays flexible and grabs the wood with ease.

Furthermore, several models, such as the Sugoi, Hayate and the Tsurugi, are made of high-alloyed steel, which makes the saw blade stronger, more corrosion resistant and better equipped against temperature changes. All saw blades are replaceable and the replacing itself is simple.

On this page these aspects are described extensively. By the pictograms these can be recognized and found on this website.



Chrome Finish

Chrome plated blade

Nickel Coating


Electro-Impulse Hardening

Induction hardening


Non-set Teeth


Chrome plated blade

Genki Grip

"Mirai Me"

"MIRAI-ME” – Silky’s patented teeth!

Rubber "GOM" Handle

GOM rubber handle


Different Types of Handles

Different Teeth Configurations

Different Lengths of Blades

Straight and Curved Blades

Two Sawing Positions