Our Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Silky saws sold in US and Central America through Vertical Supply Group and/or its related sales are covered by Silky’s “Limited Lifetime Warranty” against defects in material and construction:

  1. The limited lifetime warranty covers errors in material and construction. This does not include damage caused by transportation, misuse, abuse, and/or normal wear and tear on wearing parts.
  2. The product must be handed into the nearest sales or service to undergo a warranty evaluation. Shipping and Handling costs are not covered by the warranty.
  3. A product that qualifies for warranty assessment will be repaired first, if possible.
  4. This warranty applies only for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.

To make a warranty claim, please visit www.silkysaws.com/contact-us/ or give us a call at +1 336-458-3053