Holiday Gift Guide

Are you searching for a special gift? Celebrate the season with one of Silky’s stunning saws. Whether you choose a compact folding saw, like the Pocketboy Professional 170 Outback, or Silky’s newest saw for arborists, the Zubat Ultimate, everyone on your holiday list will be delighted when they unwrap a Silky. Here are are a few of our favorite saws to gift this season:

Zubat Ultimate

What it is: The favorite handsaw of American arborists and the professional tree care industry, now with progressive teeth that give you both the bite of smaller teeth, which make it easier to get your stroke started, and the speed and power of larger teeth for efficient cutting.

Who it’s for: arborists, both professionals and hobbyists.

Most Unique Feature: The exceptionally strong and well-balanced Zubat Ultimate blade has progressive teeth that are smaller near the handle and larger at the tip of the saw blade. Scraper-shaped GOKAI-ME teeth remove sawdust from your cut and let you make rip-cuts, cross-cuts, and slant-cuts with ease. Also, the saw has a distinctive black metal-plated ebony scabbard, with a lower profile than the previous Zubat sheath.

 Price: $94.99

GOMBOY CURVE Outback Edition

What it is: A reimagined version of the classic Gomboy folding saw, now even more versatile.

Who it’s for: Whether it’s time to clean up a backyard trail or process a deer during hunting season, this saw gets the job done.

Most unique feature: The hard chrome-plated Japanese steel curved blade gives this saw workhorse cutting power. The lightweight steel is durable enough for professional tasks and just as good for projects around the house. The arbor composite handle provides excellent grip and control in wet, cold, slippery conditions. The blade can cut bone and wood, and it’s black-plated with a nickel/tin blend to improve durability and reduce reflection for hunters.

Price: $76.99

NATA Hatchet

What it is: A 9.5” blade double-edged hatchet that’s 13.35” overall.
Who it’s for: Campers, hunters, anyone who chops firewood or clears land of branches and small trees and vines.

Most unique feature: The double-edged blade is ultra durable and resin and rust-resistant. The non-slip rubberized grip absorbs shock while providing a secure hold.

Price: On Sale Now! $89.73

POCKETBOY 170MM Outback Edition

What it is: An easy-to-carry folding saw that cuts through wood and bone.

Who it’s for: Hunters, anglers, campers, overlanders

Most unique feature: The arbor composite handle looks like wood, but has superior grip and control in wet and cold work conditions. The black nickel/tin finish on the blade adds durability and reduces reflection. The teeth of the blade are heated and hardened to stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth. The blade has four cutting angles for rip-cutting, cross-cutting, and slant-cutting–all of which leave the cutting surface smooth every time.

Price: $56.99

Katanaboy 500 Folding Saw XL Teeth

What it is: This two-handed, professional, heavy-duty 20” blade folding saw is one of the largest folding saws made. It’s also one of Silky’s top sellers.

Who it’s for: Foresters, ATV’rs, Snow mobilers, trail stewards

Most unique feature: Made for big jobs, this saw cuts more like a chainsaw than a hand saw, and it has a long reach. The long, well-balanced, taper-ground blade with impulse-hardened, non-set teeth provides extra-long reach and faster cutting even when you’re tackling large limbs and tree trunks.

Price: $244.99

Fun fact: The Katanaboy comes in a range of lengths, and the largest version, the Katanaboy 1000 is the largest folding saw you can buy.

F180 Large Teeth Folding Saw

What it is: Silky’s most affordable saw, and the best do-it-all folding saw

Who it’s for: Home gardeners, trail fairies, and arborists on a budget

Most unique feature: The red handle indicates that this saw comes with big teeth that make quick cuts. The blade locks into the fiberglass-reinforced comfort handle in both open and closed positions.

Price: $39.99

BigBoy 2000 XL Teeth

What it is: One of Silky’s all-time, best-selling saws, the BigBoy 2000 is a perfectly balanced curved-blade folding saw with long reach, extra large teeth, and maximum blade-to-wood contact for quick and smooth cuts.

Who it’s for: trail stewards who need to clear big blowdown, contractors and DIY homeowners, home arborists

Most unique feature: The non-slip, two-handed, rubberized, cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in tough operating conditions.

Price: $82.99